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Spring 2020 Impact

Reception Footie Bugs - January - February 2020


The Reception children had a 6 week 'footie bugs' experience. During these sessions the children developed their balance, core and co ordination skills, as they practised football skills such as - dribbling, striking, passing and control.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and developed their physical skill. 


Childrens views: 

"We have been learning how to do big kicks and little kicks, you do big kicks when you want the ball to go fast and far, and just a little kick when you want it to go slow." 

"we have been playing lots of fun games with the footballs!

"I liked it when I had to aim the ball in the goal, you have to really stare at the goal, and then move your foot around to get it in a good position"

"I really liked it" 

"I loved having to kick the ball to the aliens"


Infant Agility Competition - February 2020


30 year 2 children took part in a infant agility competition with St Pauls, Nathaniel Newton, and Weddington. 

The children had such a fun morning taking part in a range of physical activities, with a competitive element. 

We were very excited that we came 3rd place! 


Children's views: 

"It was so much fun, I loved seeing how far I could jump"

"Even though we didn't win, we still had fun"

Chinese Dancing February 2020


Reception children had a wonderful Chinese dance morning. They were given the opportunity to dance with Chinese artefacts such as parasols, fans, materials and lion and dragon heads!

The children learnt a Chinese dance, and then got to practise making a long dragon using a range of materials. 


Children's views: 

"I loved wearing the dragon head, it was so heavy" 

"I liked doing the dance with the fan, I had to move the fan all around."

"It was so much fun!" 

"I liked dancing like a Chinese dragon!"


Lunchtime play 

Active lunchtimes with Mrs Jennings. 

Mrs Jennings is now supporting the play leaders each lunchtime.

Each lunchtime a year group takes a turn to explore equipment and play games with the play leaders. 

The activities now take place on a quieter and more enclosed area of the play ground, so that equipment is safer and children have a more defined area to play.


Children’s views (2.3.2020)

“I love playing the equipment, it is so much fun”

“Mrs Jennings helps me learn how to catch the ball”

“I like walking around on the big feet, I can even try to run with them now”

“Me and my friends are seeing how many times we can catch the ball without dropping it.”

“I like to help the children play with the equipment, and teach them how to look after it” (play leader)

“I help Mrs Jennings help everybody learn new games and keep fit” (play leaders)

St Patricks Day - Key Stage One