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Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

What is the Sports Premium?


The government is providing funding of £320 million per annum for the academic year 2019/2020 to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is to:  

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
  • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

Each school will receive £16.000, and an additional £10 per pupil.  

The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.











Sports Funding 2018-2019

Play leaders

20 year 2 children volunteered to be play leaders. They had special training with Mr Leggett in which they learnt games to play, and how to help other children play games. At lunch times the play leaders set up games, and help support children to play the games.

"The play leaders help me play games." 

"They tell me when it is my turn to throw the ball." 

"I like the play leaders." 

"they play with me when I am lonely." 



 The play leaders have been involving children in active lunchtime play. They have been encouraging children to play games, and helping those children who struggle to play. With the help of our sports mid day supervisor, the play leaders have led games that have had some competitive elements. 

Year 1 and 2 Enrichment sessions


During the Autumn term,  year 1 and 2 children had a series of enrichment sessions where they learnt new skills.Throughout the course they were introduced to the skills of archery, boccia, cricket and curling. 

They children used new resources which made they lessons very exciting for them! All lessons had a competitive element in them too. 


"I loved the cricket, we had to bat the balls to hit the wicket." 

"I loved all of them because we got to score lots of points." 

"In the archery I couldn't do it because the bow was too big, but I kept trying and then I did it! And then I got it in the middle! 


Staff also enjoyed the sessions: 

"The sessions were very active and valuable as the children were using quality resources which made this a great physical experience for them." 



The children were given the opportunity to engage in a brand new sport with new skills to learn. All children were physically active and enjoyed the sessions. Teachers were pleased with the progress and engagement of children in these sessions. The children have had their physical experiences broadened. 




Lunchtime Clubs

This year 'Premier Sports' have been running a lunch time club for the children. 

Year 1 children were learning fencing, and Year 2 children learnt archery. 

Each week the children would learn new skills and practise them. This then lead up to a competition. 

Some of the year 1 and year 2 children even got to compete against other schools who had been learning fencing and archery too. 




Children have been active throughout lunchtimes. Throughout the year they have all learn new skills, and either competed against each other or another school. 

Fencing and Archery competition - January 2019

20 year 1 children took part in a fencing competition against Chilvers Coton Infant School.

20 year 2 children took part in a archery competition against Whitestone school.

As the children had been learning these skills during the Autumn term at a lunch time club, they were very excited to compete against other children, especially from another school.

The children were great sports, and demonstrated the new skills they had learnt very well.


"Our school won the competition, we got the most points."

"we had to hit the target with the bow and arrow to get the most points. "

"I won the kind and polite award for the competition."

"I am good at aiming, I look at the number first, and point my arrow directly at the number."

"I think we got over 50 points."

"I had so much fun, I would give it a 4/5 stars, it would have been even better if we could have done it for longer."

"We had to go to Chilvers Coton school, we had to fight the other children with foil swords

"We had to salute the other children first, and then lunge."

"We did not win, but we had lots of fun, we got about 53points."

Years 1 and 2- St Andrews Day 'Highland games'


To celebrate St Andrews day, the Key Stage One children had a highland games experience. They took part in a range of different physical activities to celebrate, such as Welly Wanging... 




Key Stage One Children engaged in new physical opportunities to broaden their physical experiences. 


Foundation Stage Diwali dance- November 2018

To help with Receptions Diwali learning, all children took part in a Diwali dance workshop. They worked in groups where they learnt new dance techniques. At the end of the morning they performed their dance to the rest of the Reception children.



"It was lots of fun, I liked the music." 

"I liked doing the different dances with the scarves."

Children in the Foundation Stage  learnt new dance skills, combined with deepening their knowledge about Diwali. 

Footie Bugs

The Reception children had a 6 week 'footie bugs' experience. During these sessions the children developed their balance, core and co ordination skills, as they practised football skills such as - dribbling, striking, passing and control.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and developed their physical skills.



Children really enjoyed these sessions. All children made progress in controlling the ball. 

Children's views:

"I loved it because we learnt to change direction when our ball was going to go into somebody. I am good squishing the ball to make it stop."

"I enjoyed it because we had to play lots of games, and I learnt how to dribble the ball, and I learnt how to balance and pass the ball."

"I am good controlling the ball, I learnt how to kick the ball and get it into the goal. "

"I liked I because it was so much fun, I learnt how to dribble the ball and pass it to people, Mr Smith said I had good control of the ball, and I scored 2 goals."



Pre Pedal

Reception children had a 5 week course on the balance bikes. During this they developed their core strength, balance and co ordination skills. Children learnt how to control their bike to weave in and out of obstacles. They also learnt how to build up speed so that they could glide on their bike. 



All reception children engaged with Pre Pedal. All children showed progress in controlling the bike, and developing the confidence to manourve their bike around and over objects. 


Childrens views: 

"I loved it, I am so good at gliding now!" 

"It was a bit hard, but I can do it quite good now"

"I loved doing the monster steps to get really good and fast speed!" 


Play trition


In reception, children had a 12 week programme which focused on teaching children about how to live a healthy lifestyle. The sessions focused on exploring foods, finding out where they come from and learning how to have a balanced diet. They also discovered the food groups, and learnt about how each food group affects their body.




Childrens comments: 


"I have learnt about what healthy foods are and which foods are like, like candy floss because that has so much sugar!"

"We learnt about healthy food." 

"We learnt about dairy, its milk and cheese, dairy is good for bones." 

"I always look at the traffic light colours in the food, they tell you if they are healthy, if it is all green it is all good, red is all bad."

"Brown bread is so much better than white bread." 

"Miss Wellings taught me to find my pulse, the more we exercise the harder our pulse beats, and that's good."


Teacher comments: 

"These sessions were so valuable for the children's education. The children loved learning about the different food groups, and it was lovely to hear they were looking out for healthy foods as they went shopping with their parents. Children were given lots of opportunities to try new fruits and vegetables, which they may not have tried before. The final session, children had to make a healthy party plate, and it was wonderful to see how much knowledge they had about the different foods, commenting on why certain foods were good for their body." 

Sports Funding 2017-2018

Sports Funding 2017-2018 1 In September, 20 Year 2 children had a morning of special training. They learnt how to play a range of play time games, and also how to lead these games, to involve lots of children. The play leaders help engage children in a range of physical activities and games at lunch times.
Sports Funding 2017-2018 2 Our two Year 1 classes, had enrichment sessions every Thursday Afternoon for 6 weeks.
Sports Funding 2017-2018 3 The children learnt how to play tri golf, archery, cricket and curling.
Sports Funding 2017-2018 4 The children loved having these new experiences and learnt lots of new skills.
Sports Funding 2017-2018 5 “I enjoyed it because everything was so much fun, I loved the bow and arrow, I have never done that before.”
Sports Funding 2017-2018 6 “I learnt how to hold a bat, and I had to hit lots of balls.”
Sports Funding 2017-2018 7 “I loved it because I got lots of points.”
Sports Funding 2017-2018 8 “This was such a brilliant experience, there were lots of new experiences for the children to join in with, and they learnt lots of new skills. It was great that there was such a variety of new activities and equipment.”

Year 2 Enrichment sessions - Autumn 2nd


In the Autumn 2nd half term year 2 children had weekly enrichment session for 6 weeks. The sessions gave the children valuable and exciting physical opportunities. Each week the children learnt a new skill, from Archery, to tri golf and even curling! In the final week the children pulled together all their new skills to take part in a competition! The children loved the sessions.

Below are some comments from the children to show the impact the sessions had on their physical experiences at school.   


"It was so much fun! I loved the archery, I am good at aiming and getting the most points"

"The golf was a bit tricky to at first, but I didn't give up and I kept trying to concentrate to hit the cones."

"I was the champion at archery!"

"I loved all of it!"

"I liked trying to score points with my team."


Teacher comment: 

"It was great to see the children using new equipment and learning new valuable physical skills. The children really enjoyed the sessions, they would ask everyday if the sessions were that day."

Spring term 

Year 1 Dance - January 2018

In January, our Year 1 children had a 6 week dance experience.

The children learnt new dance skills, and this led up to the children learning and performing a dance routine all about penguins.

The children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, below are some comments from the children regarding their dance experience.

''The dance was so much fun."

"yes I really enjoyed it, we made a dance about penguins."

"We learnt how to do a canon, that's when on goes, then the next person, then the next person."

"We had to show the penguins feelings in the dance."

"I really like dancing now."

'"I loved dancing."

Reception 'Soccer Tots' -January 2018

In January our Reception children had 6 weeks 'Soccer Tots'.

In these sessions children learnt all about ball control. This helped develop children's co ordination, control and balance.

The sessions were energetic, and the comments below show the enjoyment and progress the children made throughout the sessions.

“we learnt that little kicks make the ball go slowly”

“When I squish my football it doesn’t move”

“I learnt how to control a football, I can do really big kicks now!”

“It was so much fun, I loved the pirate ship game and the cookie monster game”

"I like playing football now"


Teacher comment: 

"These sessions were highly energetic and fast paced. The children were highly engaged with the fun games and activities which were developing their balance, co ordination and strength. It was wonderful to see the progress the children made from session one to session six. This has impacted positively on all children's physical development  in Reception."



Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Reception Chinese New Year Dancing - February 2018

Our Reception children had been learning about Chinese New Year. To add to the children's learning about this they had a morning where they learnt a Chinese dragon dance. They also had the opportunity to try on traditional Chinese clothing, and danced with Chinese fans. 

Comments from the children: 

“Yes I really liked it. In our dance we pretended to be a dragon and we had to follow the sun”

“we used REAL Chinese fans”

“we learnt how to dance like a lion, and when we saw a red envelope we had to stamp our feet!"

"It was so much fun."

Teacher comment: 

"This was such a valuable and new experience for the children. It not only helped the children's learning with Chinese New Year, and the culture in China, but it was a enjoyable physical opportunity, where all children were engaged in dance."

"It was lovely to see some many smiles on the children's faces. It targeted all children and all children were dancers by the end of the morning!"


KS1 Irish Dancing - March 2018

To celebrate St Patricks day, Year 1 and 2 children had an Irish dance experience.

The children learnt some Irish dancing steps. They then put these together into a dance sequence. At the end of the day the classes came together to perform their dance moves to the rest of the school. The children had great fun!

"It was really fun, we got to do exercises in different dances."

"we learnt a dance move where we had to hold our partners hand and gallop left to right all the way down the hall."

"we learnt lots of new irish dances, I was so tired after."

"I have seen irish dancing on the tv before, and I loved doing it"

"we learnt how to 'step hop', and the 'train'.


In January 2018 we employed a Sports Apprentice. The sports apprentice takes on many roles such:

- Leading gross motor groups to target specific children's physical needs.

- Supporting teachers and children in PE lessons.

- Leading Playtime and Lunchtime physical games and activities.

- Supporting After School Sport Clubs.

Active Lunchtimes

Mr Beesley's Morning Fitness Club


In the Summer term Mr Beesley began to run a fitness morning club 3 mornings a week.

The club incorporates a range of fun fitness challenges.

Summer term - 10 children in complete attendance.




After School Clubs

To help engage more of our pupils in Extra Curricular sports clubs, we part funded the costs of the clubs for parents. We also asked parents which clubs they would like their children to attend to ensure we were offering popular and desirable clubs.

In the spring term we offered Gymnastics, Archery, Martial Arts, Dance Around The World, Cheerleading. The clubs were very popular, and there was a vast increase in the amount of children attending the clubs.

Autumn Term - 19 children in complete attendance (13% take up). 

Spring Term -  92 children in complete attendance (61% )


In the summer term we offered Gymnastics, Tennis, Football, Street Dance and Musical Theatre.

The clubs were well attended again.

Summer term - 83 children in complete attendance (51%)

Cheerleeding club

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Year 2 Dance- April 2018

Year 2 had a six week dance experience. They learnt the beginning of a Street Dance sequence. The children then had to work in groups make their own sequences to the dance. The children had to use a count of 18 for each sequence, and also include dance techniques such as canon and unison.   

"It was really, really, really fun."

"The dances had to be very powerful, that means the movements had to be strong and really quick!"

"We learnt about poses, and we had to make them up, it had to be a fast pace.

"In out dance we had to make up sequences in 8 counts, we did a bit of canon too."

"I loved when we performed all the dance at the end, my teacher said we did really well."

Reception - Mini Wrigglers - April 2018

Reception had a six week dance experience. Within these sessions the children explored a range of different movements, using exciting dance props. The children then began to work in groups to create sequences, these sequences were then put together for the children to perform a final dance. Children learnt a range of different dance techniques, such as circle work, partner work, using different levels, direction and even canon.

"I loved it because I liked pretending to be a buzzy bee and wriggling."

"I loved the dancing and spinning around, and doing lots of different actions."

"My favourite bit was when we had to work with a partner and copy each other."

"We got to work in circle dances, that was fun."

"I like pretending to have wings, and buzzing around in different directions"

"I REALLY liked it when we had to perform it to the other class, and then I went home and showed my mummy"


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Reception - Play-Trition - March-May 2018


The Reception children took part in a 12 week Play-Trition programme. The programme covered a range of topics to enhance the children's learning and knowledge regarding leading a healthy lifestyle. The children covered topics such as the different food groups, hydration, exercise and the body.

Children's views:

"I liked eating the healthy foods.... I know that they keep me fit and healthy... we need to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day."

"I always look at the colours on the food now (packaging), if its green it is healthy, if it is red it is not healthy."

"I liked making a fruit cocktail, I had new fruits like kiwi which I had never had before."

"we learnt that some drinks are unhealthy and have lots of sugar, like coca cola, lemonade....water and milk are healthy."

"I just love fizzy water now"

"milk comes from cows, it makes my bones and nails strong, so that they grow.2

"I know how to check my pulse now, when I am exercising it should be fast!"

"Protein keeps me fit, like eggs."

Reception - Pre Pedal - April/May 2018

Reception children had a 6 week pre pedal experience. During this the children explored the balance bikes, developing key skills such as balance, strength and co ordination. Each week the sessions focused on different skills, the children how to take big and small steps on ther bike, how to glide and how to weave.

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Key Stage One - Polish Dancing