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Online Safety

Online Safety for Parents & Carers - Hayesdown First School Hayesdown First  School

Acceptable Use Agreement

At the start of every year, we ask our children to sign the acceptable use agreement:

Our Online Safety Group

As part of our ongoing online safety commitment in school, we have regular meetings with the children's online safety team.  Each Key Stage 1 class pick two children who they feel will represent the school well with regard to keeping everyone safe on line.  


Online Safety Assemblies

We have regular online safety assemblies which includes stories, videos, quizzes and lots more.  Here are some online safety links we use in school in assembly and in our classrooms:

The website has great information for children ranging from 4 - 7 years old.  Here are a few of the videos you can watch together adult and child to learn about online safety.

Digi-Duck's - is a character created on

  • All about Digi-Duck - 

    The Digiduck collection has been created to help parents and teachers educate children aged 3 – 7 about online safety. The collection includes ebooks, learning activities and a poster.

    Follow Digiduck and his pals in these stories of friendship, responsibility and critical thinking online.

    Digiduck® is a Registered Trademark.

  • DigiDuck-eBook.pdf
  • Digiduck device activity sheet.pdf
  • Digiducks big decision - 

    An engaging online safety story for young children

    Help arrives just in time for Digiduck® when faced with a difficult decision! Follow Digiduck® and his pals in this story of friendship and responsibility online.

    The Digiduck® collection has been created to help parents and teachers educate children aged 3 – 7 about how to be a good friend online. The collection now includes a book, PDF, poster and interactive app.

  • Digiducks famous friend - 

  • The second Digiduck online safety story for young children

    Digiduck® and his classmates are set the task of finding out who their special guest will be at school today. Through chatting online and asking questions they try to decide who the mystery guest is. Follow Digiduck® and his pals in this story about critical thinking and reliability online.

  • Detective Digiduck

  • The third story in the Digiduck® series, focussing on reliability of online information.
  •  The aim is to encourage young children to start to think about online content, and help them to understand that what they read or see online might be true, untrue, or someone’s opinion.  Would you believe your eyes if you came face-to-face with a dragon in the forest? Digiduck® finds some amazing animal facts online but is surprised to discover they may need checking. Searching the internet for information can be tricky, so Wise_Owl swoops in with a plan to put everything right.

  • Digiduck and the magic castle

  • The fourth story in the Digiduck® series, focussing on playing games online. Other themes within the book include peer pressure, password sharing, and in-app purchasing.

    There’s a new game that everyone’s playing, and Digiduck wants to join in! With the help of his friends, he explores the magic castle, and they whizz through the levels after a lucky find makes it easier. Digiduck is in for a shock. However, when he discovers that the spell ingredients are not the only things hidden in the game…

    The aim of this story is to help start conversations between children and adults about many aspects of online gaming, such as:

  • The types of games that young children enjoy playing online and why
  • How to tell if real money can be spent
  • The social elements of gaming with others (e.g., keeping personal information safe)
  • What to do if someone is pressuring you to do something that you are unsure about
  • Digiduck saves the day

  • The fifth story in the Digiduck® series, focussing on positive uses of the internet to help others. 

    Wise_Owl is retiring and off to travel the world but, when disaster strikes, Digiduck and his friends are really put to the test! Can they remember everything they’ve been taught to give Wise_Owl the send-off he deserves? Only Digiduck can save the day!

    This final story aims to recap all of the advice that Wise_Owl has given Digiduck and his friends in each of the previous books, whilst exploring the amazing ways that technology can be used to get things done quickly.

    Additional themes covered include:

  • Using images online
  • Keeping personal information safe
  • The identity of other internet users
  • Password sharing
  • In-app purchasing