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Food for Life

Food for Life - Silver Award


Following the success of achieving the Bronze Award, we are now trying to achieve the Silver!




Hydro Veg – You may have noticed a strange structure that looks like drain pipes with some vegetables in by Class 4! This is our new Hydro Veg Kit. We are growing lots of tasty vegetables that are just being grown in water that is constantly flowing through the roots, with some additional feed to help them along. The children in reception helped to build the kit and then a number of different vegetables were planted in the special baskets. Hopefully we will have some lovely healthy vegetables before the end of term.


Food for Life Bronze Award



Galley Common School is well on the way to achieving a Food for Life Schools Award.  It is a great way to demonstrate that our school is doing fantastic work to provide healthy school meals, great lunchtimes and food education that has a positive impact on both pupils and the wider community.


Bronze schools serve fresh, seasonal school meals prepared by a well-trained school cook. Pupils and parents are involved in planning improvements to school menus and the dining experience via a school nutrition action group, boosting school meal take-up. Every pupil has the opportunity to visit a farm during his or her time at school, and opportunities are given for cooking and food growing activity.


In the autumn term (2017) the old dinner time flight trays are being replaced by modern individual plates and bowls and the Year 2 children are going to be able to help with the dinner time routine by ensuring cutlery and juice/water is replenished for each sitting.  We hope to encourage a calmer atmosphere in the dining hall.


During the summer term parents and grandparents came into school to help plant vegetables.  Due to the limited grounds in school the children brought in milk bottles to plant in and these were then tied around the school fences.  Once the vegetables had grown we held a Farmers Market after school (following a day of cooking by the children) where we sold tomato soup, carrot muffins, pizza slices and egg and cress sandwiches - all made from the vegetables the children had grown and picked!






As we work our way through the award we are making regular changes.  We have recently changed the layout of our dining room making it a more positive experience for the children, getting rid of the plastic flight trays - replacing them with plates and bowls, which the children love and allowing the children to select their own pudding in the hall.