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Autumn 2019 impact

Play leaders  - September 2019 

In September 20 year 2 children took part in special training to learn how to be a play leader.

They learnt how to play a range of games to help engage others in play at lunchtime.  



The play leaders are engaging others in play at lunch time. They are helping children to learn play games and keeping them active at lunchtimes. The play leaders are also helping children use play equipment correctly. 

Enrichment sessions - Year 1 - September - October 2019

The Year 1 children learnt a range of new skills during 6 sessions with Mr Leggett. 

During these sessions the children learnt how to play tri golf, archery and new age curling. 

The children learnt lots of new skills, and got to use a range of new equipment. 

Children's comments: 

“I loved it!”

“we learnt how to use a bow and arrow, and shoot and aim at a target”

“We had to aim and shoot, and I scored the most points!”

“I liked tri golf the most because I used the club to get the ball in the hoop”

“When we did new age curling we had to roll it to get the highest points.”

“It was really hard to aim, but I did get some points!

“I loved the archery, it was so much fun!”



Children had positive and new P.E experiences. The children learnt a range of new physical skills.  




Diwali Dance - Foundation Stage - October 2019

To enhance the children's learning about Diwali, the children learnt a diwali dance! 

They listened to indian music, and learnt a range of dance moves to create a dance. 

The children got to perform their dance to other reception children. 

Year 2 Enrichment sessions - November - December 2019