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Dance Drama

Our Dance Drama afterschool club, run by Mrs Clements, put on their end of term performance for the school on Tuesday afternoon (19.7.16).  It was called 'The Little Muncher' and all the children took part.  It was a brilliant show with lots of great singing and dancing.  Well done to you all, and a special thank you to Mrs Clements for all your hard work.



The play started in a quiet village that was completely neat the tidy due to the Little Muncher that worked hard munching up all the litter that the villagers dropped on the floor.  No-one in the village put things in the bin!  The Little Muncher was so tired of clearing up that one day he sat down for a rest and fell asleep.  The villagers tried to wake him but no-one could.  So, you can imagine what happened - the villagers continued to drop their litter but there was no Little Muncher to clear up after them. The village now didn't look neat and tidy - it was full of rubbish!  The Mayor and his helper decided they didn't like the village in a mess and got all the villagers together to tell them to tidy up.  Everyone then put their litter in the bin.   Little Muncher woke up to find a tidy village.  He was so happy and the villagers never dropped their litter again.

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