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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4 - September 2018!





We had a lovely day celebrating Chinese New Year.

We made animal face masks of the 12 animals that were in the race to be on the zodiac circle .

We sang, danced  and played instruments to a Chinese song.

We finished our day with delicious prawn crackers!




Our Maths Number bonds

Our Maths  Number bonds 1
Our Maths  Number bonds 2
Our Maths  Number bonds 3
Our Maths  Number bonds 4
Our Maths  Number bonds 5
Our Maths  Number bonds 6
We have been finding lots of different ways to make total numbers. This has been part of our number and place value focus. We have used lots of resources and been involved in problem solving . We are enjoying our Maths.

Our RE Learning

Our RE Learning 1
Our RE Learning 2
Our RE Learning 3
Our RE Learning 4
Our RE Learning 5
Our RE Learning 6
These pictures are just one of our groups' drama from our RE learning. Our current topic is 'Who is a Christian and what do they believe?"  We were re-enacting the story of the Prodigal Son after we had read it from a children's Bible and watched a cartoon version on you tube. The children remembered so much of the story.